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Next Parish Council Meeting is on Tuesday 2nd December 2014

Next Parish Council Planning Meeting is at 7.15pm on Tues 18th November 2014

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August WPC Minutes published

E-petition to amend the NPPF

Welford-on-Avon Parish Council is extremely concerned about the rapidly growing number of opportunistic housing development proposals being submitted in many rural communities throughout the country including in our own village.

The MP for Stratford on Avon, Mr Nadhim Zahawi, has spoken out strongly against the damage being done to rural communities. The Daily Telegraph of 9th January reported him as saying that loopholes in the guidelines are allowing developers to “undermine the Government's good intentions to deliver bottom-up planning and much needed housing" and that the “physical harm" being inflicted on the countryside could become “the defining legacy of this Government".

Unfortunately, whilst Mr Zahawi has a great deal support for his opinions, both regionally and at Westminster, the Government is not listening and seems determined to press ahead with its current policy despite the widespread irreversible damage that will ensue.

We believe that Mr Zahawi's stance should be given public support and that with three simple amendments to the planning policy the Government's objective of building more homes can be achieved without the creation of a damaging legacy.

If you agree, please sign our petition http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/59376

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